tring Capital, a professional alternative asset investment fund management company, focuses on investment related to environmental improvement, and is committed to becoming a world-class environmental infrastructure investment institution. We use financial tools and industrial methods to catalyze the development of investment in environmental infrastructure, and make contributions to improving the natural environment on which we depend.

At the same time, we also participate widely in the investment of various alternative assets, including equity investment, debt investment, merger and acquisition transactions and asset acquisition. Our goal is to empower the industry with finance, create excess returns, and strive to achieve win-win results in customer value, employee value and shareholder value.

May 2015

String Capital was established

September 2015

October 2015

June 2016

April 2017

July 2017

September 2017

January 2018

September 2018

December 2018

March 2019

June 2019

The first industrial fund was set up

Managed to invest 800 million yuan equity investment into Jiaze New Energy, together with Goldman Sachs

Complete the equity investment in Akaso

Shunding Fund was established, cooperating and completing 210 million yuan equity investment in Xianheng international with Goldman Sachs

Jiaze New Energy was successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange

Ningbai Fund was established

Hebei 200MW wind power project financing cooperation agreement was signed

Investment agreement for Shandong phase I 200wm wind power project was signed

Shandong phase II 250wm wind power project investment agreement was signed

Investment agreement 32MW distributed wind power project in Henan was signed

Investment agreement of Hebei 150MW wind power project + 30MW photovoltaic project + 10MW energy storage project was signed

Managed funds

Corporate Culture

Business:  create value for customers, protect bottom-line risk and return, and achieve multi-win

Management: target-oriented, institutionalized, process-oriented and humanized

Staff: the company is a stage for individual deveopment as everyone is also striving for themselves

Customer: maximize customer satisfaction under the principle of adhering to the bottom-line